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St. Matthew's Food Pantry

The St. Matthew Food Pantry operates two days per week serving clients from the west side of York. Thirty-one volunteers who pack groceries and greet the clients staff the pantry.

If you need help with food call the York County Food Pantry Clearinghouse at 846-8899.

A portion of the food for the pantry is obtained from the State Food Purchase Program and the Federal Emergency Food Assistance Program. Some supplies are purchased from vendors with monetary donations we receive from members of the congregation through contribution and pew envelopes. The remaining supplies come from participation in the US Postal Workers Food Drive, The St. Matthew Harvest Home Collection, The Boy Scout Good Turn for America Food Drive, York College of PA's Thanksgiving Food Drive, York County Council of Church's Crop Walk proceeds and private companies and individuals that collect food and donate to our food pantry. If you would like to donate food items, contact the church office.


More than 21 million children qualify for free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast Program.
For many of these children, school meals may be the only meals they eat.
What happens when they go home over the weekend?

St. Matthew and the St. Matthew Community Service Committee is participating in the Feeding America BackPack Program. For more than 15 years, the Feeding America BackPack Program has been helping children get the nutritious and easy-to-prepare food they need to get enough to eat on the weekends. Today, bags of food are assembled at more than 160 local food banks and then distributed to more than 450,000 children at the end of the week.

Monetary gifts are always appreciated. 

The Backpack Task Force, who purchases the food, is asking for monetary gifts. All the foods that are distributed to the children are purchased in bulk to insure that each child receives the same items.  

With your help, we can provide more food to more children in need.

Contact members of the Community Service Committee for more information and to find out how you can volunteer.  

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